Press Release – TT100 Awards – New Collaborative Partnership

PRESS RELEASE   Subject:         COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP FOCUS ON SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE TO GEAR AFRICA FOR RESILIENCE   Date: 3 February 2017 Issued: Da Vinci TT100 – Storm Thomas ___________________________________________________________________________ The Da Vinci Institute, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Blank Canvas International and Innocentrix are excited to announce the formation of a remarkable partnership in [...]

First National Bank (FNB): It’s about people and being connected

A case study on how FNB is driving results through innovation... The Challenge Being in an industry that is experiencing global disruption coupled with economic challenges, FNB needed to respond with something different and impactful. They had to move from “Good to Great” by building enduring, rewarding relationships supported by people, innovation and efficiencies. Innovation [...]

The SA Innovation League: Why innovation investment is often wasted?

Leading Edge Innovation: A South African Perspective The importance of innovation to business longevity and the potential it holds for the African continent has never been disputed. It is a message that we, together with our counterparts across the globe, understands and strive to enable. Collaboration and connectedness now brings a truly external perspective – [...]

Press Release – The South African Innovation League Recognises Innovation Excellence

Top South African companies are ranked for having an edge in innovation by Innocentrix, in collaboration with Milpark Business School Date: 25 May 2015 Issued: Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact: Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO at henra@innocentrix.co.za / 082 323 7447 When South Africa’s top organisations innovate well, it will have a definite impact on [...]

Investigating South Africa’s Innovation Landscape

Organisations the world over are thinking about new ways to remain relevant and ensure future success. For many, building an internal innovation capability forms an integral part of a strategy for future growth. Business trends further suggests that amongst other things, the organisation’s ability to collaborate with various stakeholders across its value chain will become [...]

Innocentrix’s Innovation League Report 2015!

Innocentrix Innovation League Report 2015! Download The Innocentrix Innovation League Report below: The first Innocentrix Innovation League was launched at Innocentrix's Innovation Live 2015 event. Innocentrix conducted an indepth, 6-month study to using the Innocentrix Innovation League Survey to determine the extent to which local companies are applying leading edge thinking to the topic of collaborative [...]

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