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Enable and plan.

Design innovation strategies, new business models, strategic growth portfolios, new products or services and commercialisation roadmaps.

Align your organisation’s innovation efforts the ISO international series of standards for innovation management, through online training, workshops or an innovation capability assessment.


Train, develop, energise and boost your internal innovation capabilities.

Collaborate with your internal and external stakeholders using the latest tools and technologies, to ensure innovative answers to real–world questions.

Find the best possible innovation system or technology for your organisation. Independent, expert assistance gets the navigation done so you don’t have to.


Get to market.

Get expert hands to help you execute your innovation projects so that you can find the edge.

Innocentrix pulls expert innovation teams together from our extended networks across the world, to ensure maximum chance of success.

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Innovation League

Innocentrix’ Innovation League is recognising, rewarding and supporting innovation excellence in support of strategic innovation impact and innovation management across the organisation.

The Awards are run bi-annually and aligns with the international ISO 56000 series of innovation management standards.

The Innovation League considers Emerging, Small, Medium and Large organisations and invites anyone who is interested in their innovation readiness or maturity scores, to participate.

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Innovation League Partners

New ISO 56000

Innovation Management Standards

The ISO 56000 series of Innovation Management standards is a family of eight standards published by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), in collaboration with 50 other countries, that is aimed at providing guidance to organisations on how to manage innovation better and benchmark their related activities and programmes.

It provides a baseline for effective innovation management as a business discipline in the professional world.

Organisations that participate in the Innovation League gets a free report on how they are measuring up against the requirements of the standard.

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