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 innovation excellence.

What We Do


Design the future.

We work with you to create, research, design and implement new products, services or innovation projects, supported by focused trend- and industry analyses and agile innovation strategy development. Together with our clients we create:

  • New products and services: Research, trends analysis, strategy design, business models
  • Focused innovation strategies
  • Foresighting and trend analyses research


Make innovation happen.

Innocentrix leads and designs innovation workshops and training, do technology scouting, execute
innovation programmes, do innovation assessments, lead collaboration projects, and manage
stakeholder engagements and culture and change management programmes. We help you to engage on innovation through:

  • Ideation workshops and training
  • Innovation assessments
  • Innovation technologies and systems
  • Ecosystem engagement
  • Innovation culture building


Realise value and drive results.

Innocentrix assists you to realise value and drive results by getting to market, working with local and
global expert teams, pulled together specifically for their specialist knowledge. We partner with you to map innovative business and financial models to drive new market value. We help you to deliver on innovation by:

  • Mapping new products and services
  • Launching new projects/products
  • Implementing roll-out maps
  • Running innovation campaigns and programmes

Our Services

Events, Training & Webinars

Need to kick-off an innovation mindset in your organisation?

Innocentrix presents a set of Innovation Masterclasses providing practical guidance, templates and insight for future-focused organisations. Our courses are geared towards making innovation happen in the organisation and includes all innovation essentials required to build a lasting innovation capability.

Choose on-site or on-line courses, or contact us to design a bespoke solution for you.

Example Courses & Topics

Designing an effective innovation management system. How to lead innovation and where to start…

Design your organisation’s:

  • Innovation vision
  • Innovation strategy
  • Innovation policy

Maintain innovation momentum. How to engage and energise people and build innovation DNA. 

  • Identify the pillars of an innovative culture in your organisation
  • Design a successful innovation programme or challenge
  • Create an effective innovation engagement plan

Identify your innovation context and focus. How to hone in on current and future innovation opportunities.

  • Tools and techniques to analyse your external context
  • Tools and techniques to analyse your internal context
  • Obtain client inputs and define your opportunity map touch-points

Create new products and services. How to find the edge.

  • Blue Ocean strategy essentials
  • Designing a Dragon’s Den
  • Pitching your idea: The essentials of success

A practical innovation skills development class

  • What is innovation?
  • Why should we innovate?
  • What does innovation mean in our industry?
  • What are the barriers to innovation and how to overcome them?
  • Building the organisation’s Innovation Management System
  • 7 Key elements of innovation capability building
  • 8 Innovation management principles
  • Pillars of an innovative culture

Innovation techniques and tools

  • Creativity and idea generation tools
  • What is Design Thinking and how to run the Design Sprint

The SA Innovation League

Innocentrix’ Innovation League is recognising, rewarding and supporting innovation excellence in support of strategic innovation impact and innovation management across the organisation.

The Awards are run bi-annually and aligns with the international ISO 56000 series of innovation management standards.

The Innovation League considers Emerging, Small, Medium and Large organisations and invites anyone who is interested in their innovation maturity score, to participate.

“Innocentrix’s experience and passion for innovation is evident in the high quality of their work, the relevant research they integrate into deliverables and their ability to identify the latest trends and global thinking into local projects.  I highly recommend Innocentrix for any innovation related services.”

Innovation Manager: Group Technology, Altron

New ISO 56000 Innovation Management Standards

The ISO 56000 series of Innovation Management standards is a family of standards published by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), in collaboration with about 50 other countries, that is aimed at providing guidance to organisations on how to manage innovation better and benchmark their related activities and programmes.

In South Africa, these standards are being adopted by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) as national standards (SANS).

The Innovation Management Standards provides a baseline for effective innovation management as a business discipline in the professional world and is produced as guidelines providing recommendations to organisations.

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