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Online Innovation Masterclass: Innovation Essentials: Make innovation happen

Create new products and services. This Masterclass takes you through the essential steps of discovering new solutions and fresh offerings. Learn about Blue Ocean strategy and tools and understand how to manage a focused innovation initiative with deep impact. Find the edge in your industry. Who should attend Manager and innovation leaders Programme managers Innovation [...]

8th SA Innovation League Awards Announces Winners for 2021/2022

Press Release Subject: Leading South African Companies Awarded at the SA Innovation League Awards Vodacom wins prestigious Innovation Award Leading Innovators recognised for innovation excellence in innovation by Innocentrix, in collaboration with Milpark Business School and tt100 Date: 22 April 2022 Issued: Innocentrix – Henra Mayer Contact: Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO at henra@innocentrix.co.za / [...]

DEEP DIVE: Increasing innovation ROI: What you need to do first

What are the determinants of innovation ROI (Return on Investment)? Start your innovation planning on the right foot by considering the most important factors that influence your innovation programme (and other efforts) and the return on investment it delivers. This practical discussion will: Unpack the elements that influence innovation investment returns Investigate habits of [...]

DEEP DIVE: Innovation Management: Trends and future approaches

What are the most prominent trends affecting the way we manage and execute on innovation in organisations? This webinar will share the latest thinking and approaches on innovation, and what it means for the future-fit organisation. We will discuss: What are the most prominent trends in innovation management? The greatest differentiator in the way [...]

FREE: Innovation Management: Trends and future approaches

What is happening with the way we manage innovation in organisations? In this webinar we will discuss general innovation management trends and consider the future of innovation management, including changing perspectives and approaches. Our topic: What are the most prominent trends in innovation management? Register below to receive additional FREE resources and information. [...]

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