DEEP DIVE: Future Focused Leadership: Effective opportunity identification

This webinar will feature a detailed discussion, providing guidelines and practical templates to help you be more successful at: Effective opportunity identification Creating a balanced innovation portfolio Managing failure Designing the innovation process Innovation continuity and deployment Register below to receive all related information and to book.

DEEP DIVE: Future Focused Leadership: Creating Leadership Commitment

This webinar will build out on the free event with more practical application and a deep dive into all of the topics. We will discuss: What leadership commitment to innovation look like Making innovation commitment tangible How leaders realise value Designing your innovation strategy - components and considerations Designing the vision for innovation Register [...]

FREE: Future Focused Leadership: Creating Leadership Commitment

What are the six signs of leadership commitment to innovation?  In this webinar we will discuss what leadership can do to support innovation from the get go. Learn about the six things that distinguish innovation leaders from followers and what successful leaders do to set up their teams for success. RSVP for this event [...]

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