Project Description

PPC contracted Innocentrix to successfully implement the Wazoku Idea Spotlight Innovation Management System (IMS), to create sustained engagement in innovation activities, to impact on the number and quality of ideas generated and to essentially, increase PPC’s ROI and growth potential in terms of innovation.

The implementation of the IMS is further supplemented with the roll-out of a Client Innovation Programme, of which the main objectives are:

  • Impacting on a culture of engagement and participation in the PPC Innovation programme, leading to more effective use of the Wazoku innovation system and a successful launch
  • Building a sustainable culture of innovation as a real value at the organisation
  • Effective communication tactics and approaches that yield the desired results
  • Greater ROI on innovation investment, working of a definite business case and KPI’s
  • Growth through innovation – creating the future of PPC
  • Building case studies on PPC’s successful use and impact with Wazoku for local and international publication and brand awareness
  • Quicker turn around on systems problems and challenges experienced in the pilot phase of the IMS implementation
  • Strategically aligned outcomes over the pilot period