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Winning in Turbulent Times – Survey

Emerging technologies and innovative new business models are transforming life, business and the global economy at unprecedented speeds. As digital technologies reshape the modern world, businesses established in less fluid times are having to make increasingly complex and critical decisions against the ticking clock of change. How leadership reacts and how they view this [...]

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Californication and the radical technologies

By Richard Copland Clients often ask which technologies to watch out for over the next few years.  The typical ask centres around the medium term, a time frame of the next two to three years and not the immediate near term.  Previous conventions and arrangements that constitute businesses sense of management time frames no [...]

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Leaving the robotics labs and coming to a workspace or home near you

By Richard Copland. Without giving all the details away this piece called out the comments of Barack Obama in his final presidential address and the impact of the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good middle-class jobs redundant. Across this and a series posts, I’ll unpack this technology challenge and the [...]

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Robots and artificial intelligence in the shape of us

  By Richard Copland. Robots and Artificial Intelligence have been part of our everyday lives for some time, be it with our smartphones or a laundry folding application.  The latter recently attracted a cool $60 million-dollar investment from Panasonic Technologies in Japan. Humans seem to find a mechanical helping hand irresistible and there will [...]

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Bots allowing knowledge workers to work even smarter

By Richard Copland This week 20 years ago IBM's Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov in a game of chess. Deep Blue’s victory against Kasparov represented a major milestone in the history of AI. But its win was more a testament to the brilliance of its team of programmers and grandmasters, as well as to [...]

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Make innovation a reality that pays off

Why is it that six months down the line of launching a new “innovation initiative” in the organisation, reality kicks in and excitement starts to wane? One can almost compare it to the initial rush of being head over heels in love… Innovation was the best thing since sliced bread remember, everything is going to [...]

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Press Release – Innocentrix and Milpark Business School launches the SA Innovation League

Milpark Education’s Business School in collaboration with Innocentrix launched the 2017 South African Innovation League at its Melville campus in Johannesburg on Wednesday. The launch featured a panel discussion by previous entrants, the latest developments on the survey and a brief positioning of the 2016 results. Discussion Panel - Amanda Clark (Legal Aid SA), [...]

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Press Release – TT100 Awards – New Collaborative Partnership

PRESS RELEASE   Subject:         COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP FOCUS ON SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE TO GEAR AFRICA FOR RESILIENCE   Date: 3 February 2017 Issued: Da Vinci TT100 – Storm Thomas ___________________________________________________________________________ The Da Vinci Institute, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Blank Canvas International and Innocentrix are excited to announce the formation of a remarkable partnership in [...]

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