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SA Innovation League Case Studies Published!

We are proud to announce that case studies from our SA Innovation League survey were recently published in the textbook - "Entrepreneurship - A South African Perspective, 4th Edition" by Van Schaik Publishers. Case studies mentioned from previous winners include Legal Aid SA and PPC Ltd. The authors further mentioned various outcomes of the [...]

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Top Organisations Manage for Growth

By Henra Mayer It’s a jungle out there. The world is changing quicker than you can say the word “irrelevance” – we talk about Moore’s Law, the role of the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data, Digitisation, Disruptive Business Modelling and then throw into the mix other specifics like FinTech, the potential [...]

Press Release: Top South African companies recognised for having an edge in innovation

By Henra Mayer. Balancing the demands of the business of today with the business of tomorrow is a skill. Strategic thinking needs to be elevated to the next level, aligned and resourced to focus on driving new results. Being relevant in today’s disruptive business environment demands innovation from everybody, without fail. To recognise and reward [...]

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How to Create an Innovation Culture that Lasts

By Henra Mayer Many organisations kick-off an innovation programme with innovation training or brainstorming sessions. Seeing that it is easier to execute, this can be a good way to engage the organisation around innovation intent. A good programme that delivers fresh ideas utilise the power of collaboration to create repeatable differentiated value in the market [...]

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How to Stand Out in a Niche Market

By Henra Mayer.   The word "niche" comes from a French word that means to nest. In the business context it is described as concentrating all marketing efforts on a small but specific and well defined segment of the population[1]. Niches do not 'exist' it is 'created' by identifying needs and wants that are being addressed poorly or [...]

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Managing for Growth Report 2017-2018

    By Henra Mayer. Innovation as a strategic competency is crucial for organisations as disruptive change becomes the new normal. Top organisations manage for innovation success as a rule, but does this change in tough economic times? Towards the end of 2017, a general turbulent year for global economies, Innocentrix ran a survey [...]

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Hippie 2.0 and the swing back

By Richard Copland. This is the last in my Californication series that has looked at the influence of California on our new radical technologies.  The thought pieces considered the beginning of the counter culture and its growth into a global phenomenon, before asking whether it had become a capitalist dystopia. This piece will draw the [...]

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Africa Country Benchmark Report

Innocentrix is excited to announce its partnership with In On Africa (IOA), a South African research, consulting and publishing firm based in Johannesburg. IOA has over a decade of experience across the African continent and a network of over 300 consultants in more than 30 African countries. This joining of forces will signify greater [...]

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Leading Innovation

By Henra Mayer. The significance of innovation is widely recognised as an important business driver in a dynamic world of rapid change and shifting business models. Many organisations invest in innovation initiatives to create more competitive and resilient organisations, but how to continuously produce repeatable, strategically significant outcomes remains a challenge for many. Intent needs [...]

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From counter culture paradise to capitalist dystopia

By Richard Copland. Can you complete the following series? Avant, Firefox, Flock, GreenBrowser, K-Meleon, Maxthon, Opera, Safari, Sleipnir, Slim. A couple of pointers, think back to 2009, they were the browsers accessible via BrowserChoice.eu This thought piece will pick up on some of the points raised in the Californication and Radical Technologies article that we [...]

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