Welcome to Innocentrix’s Innovation Webinars and Training

The world is changing at a phenomenal pace! We constantly focus on staying at the edge of how to make innovation work. Why not join us for our webinars in 2022? This is what it is about.

Monthly Free webinars: Focus on information sharing

45min – 1 hour discussions, including a guest speaker where possible with a Q & A session. All sessions are free and includes a free downloadable guide. Booking is essential!

Monthly Paid Webinars: Focus on practical application, tools, templates and guides

1 hr information sharing and 1 hour template building (practical application), panel discussions where appropriate, additional resources, articles and guides per topic, as well as a 30 min Q & A session.

Cost: R1950.00 p/p. (VAT excl.) Bookings essential

All webinars/training topics are available in-house and can be designed to fit a specific audience.

Various topics are also available as 1-Day, 2- 3 Days and on-site training sessions where appropriate.

Download the full 2022 brochure as well as the Webinar Calendar below.

A description of each webinar is given in the brochure.

Free Webinar: Explore Levers of Innovation Success

Levers of Innovation Success