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Innocentrix provides value by integrating people, businesses and technologies through collaborative and innovative conversations using the Thinkubator approach.

The Thinkubator is a collaborative, creative and stimulating physical (or virtual) space where we spark ideas with our clients and their ecosystem stakeholders through dialogue and exciting demonstrations.

It is focused on stakeholder engagement and aims to turn strategic challenges into forward-thinking, innovative solutions with immediately implementable next steps.


What happens in The Thinkubator?

A Thinkubator session is a client focused, collaborative innovation workshop with the objective of sparking the imagination and creating:

  • A shared understanding of complex issues among people with common interests, leading to solutions they can support and implement;
  • joint planning and collaborative strategic decision-making;
  • new solutions to address current business challenges;
  • accelerated business models and new processes or products and services; and
  • better strategic solutions while improving relationships and collaboration among participants.

The Thinkubator uses the latest collaborative technologies to enable stakeholder engagement, in pursuit of finding new answers to current challenges.

It incorporates high-level research on the chosen topic, includes the design of an engagement session to achieve stated objectives, and where appropriate, a demonstration is arranged of possible solutions to be considered.

All is concluded with a brief report that provides not only an overview of the engagement but also implementable next steps to move you forward.

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Connect to an Expert

Zander Powell
Zander PowellPartner Manager
Zander is the Innocentrix Partner Manager responsible for managing relationships with Innocentrix’ international House of Brands innovation technology partners and integrating their solutions into Innocentrix value propositions.

What Our Clients Say

Innocentrix managed, coordinated and facilitated Commercialisation Workshops to various senior NIPMO stakeholders. Innocentrix is an expert player in the innovation space and performs exactly what the client requires while continuously thinking of new and fresh ways to add additional value.
Deputy Director: Capacity Development & Technology Transfer, National Intellectual Property Management Office (NIPMO)
Innocentrix delivered an intervention that was informative, globally informed but also locally relevant. They went the extra mile in ensuring that the content was practical and engaging and supplemented main messages with media content and practical case-studies.

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