Project Description

Innocentrix won a tender to conduct a comparative case study for the implementation and commercialisation framework of the National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies research, development and innovation strategy.

The study focused on various countries that have successfully managed to commercialise their R&D outcomes, in particular in the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology space, and ultimately came up with an appropriate model for the HySA Programme and relevant for the South African environment.

The study looked at how various emerging and developed economies, such as Taiwan, South Korea, Israel, Norway, Germany, USA, and Malaysia, commercialised their R&D outcomes.  The study further proposed an integrated model for the HySA Programme.  The study included the following elements:

  • Types of interventions, processes or models that led to the successful commercialisation of R&D outcomes;
  • Context and background surrounding the interventions such as policies/strategies/incentives or activities;
  • The impact of the interventions on relevant sectors of the economy;
  • Identification of the key stakeholders and their respective roles in the innovation system(s);
  • Interactions among the key stakeholders, in particular the government, industry and academia; and
  • The role and management of intellectual property (IP) in the commercialisation process.