Some of Our Clients…

Work Examples

Mixing Cement

Strategic Innovation

“Innocentrix played a central role in the design of the Group’s Innovation frameworks and works with a passion for the subject matter. The value delivered to the client was top of mind throughout the engagement process and the outcomes achieved was world-class.”  

Executive Product, Innovation and Development – Altron

Commercialisation Roadmaps

“Innocentrix promotes and supports innovation and its social growth in this country and plans, builds, and utilises models and frameworks that aid organisations to properly adapt innovative solutions within their respective organisational structures.”

Director: Centre Innovation – GDF

Best Practises and Project Research

“Innocentrix provides a sense of professionalism and communicates with you constantly to make sure the project runs smoothly.  I confidently recommend them as experts in their field and as solid and reliable suppliers”

Deputy Director:  Capacity Development and Technology Transfer – NIPMO

Innovation for Change

“Innocentrix provides a service in the industry that is comparable with the best in the world.”

Innovation Manager: IDC