Do you need to reignite your virtual world?

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Ignite On-line

Lift morale and create more engagement!

Working From Home (WFH) is a new and interesting way of getting things done and although it promises plenty of benefit and opportunity, it also complicates engagement, connectedness and morale.

A new study from Stanford University investigated the very modern phenomenon of “Zoom Fatigue.” It might be one of the primary means of communication these days, but people are reporting a unique kind of exhaustion linked to its use. 

Truth is, remote working is probably here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future and we need to find better, more interesting ways to connect, energise and re-ignite our teams!

Do you need to reignite the spark of your workforce, get new ideas, engage better with your internal and external teams and get closer to your customers?

There is a way …

Design your spark – YOUR way…

What is Ignite On-line?

To help you re-link your new virtual world, we work with you to design weekly experiences to focus on what is important, while re-igniting the spark of togetherness in your organisation. Ignite-Online is scheduled experiences focusing on energising teams and creating innovative outcomes. Here are some examples of what can be included in an Ignite-Online session:

A combination of real world and online activities focusing on engagement, bringing fun and innovativeness back to your work experience

Specific messages designed around key updates and important communications

Fun activities to reconnect, share and bust the “Home Alone Syndrome”

Short innovation brainstorming sessions to capture new ideas and inject future thinking, including working with your clients

Connection in 3D virtual worlds using avatars to support engagement and uniqueness

Your own activities and ideas – How will you design YOUR SPARK YOUR WAY?


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