Towards Affordable Higher Education in South Africa

By Henra Mayer, Innocentrix CEO.

Protest action linked to the #FeesMustFall sentiment first flared up in October 2015. Since we have started this initiative, it has spilled over to other related areas and is by all indications, still on-going. Affordable, accessible higher education is a topic that is close to many hearts, including the team here at Innocentrix’s.

Innocentrix ran this Open Innovation initiative to play our part in helping to find a solution to this problem.

By applying and embedding the concept of innovation and the tools and expertise available to us, Innocentrix believes we can make a difference and solve challenges far beyond the boundaries of education. We therefore can and should use it to create the future!

For this reason, we are making the results of our #FMF Open Innovation Ideas Challenge available to anyone who is willing and able to implement it. We urge and welcome your involvement and engagement with us in this regard and look forward to be involved in many more such activities. Let us get South Africa and the continent to where she “needs to go!”

Download #FMF Outcome Report!