The Future of Work – Cloud Collaboration

By Nicky Clarke, SharpCloud

Cloud collaboration is undeniably becoming an important part of how we work. Combining new advances in cloud computing and collaboration are becoming more and more necessary in organisations operating in an increasingly globalised world. Collaboration has become more complex, with the need to work with people all over the world in real time, on a variety of different types of documents, using different devices.


Cloud collaboration has seen rapid evolution. In the past, cloud collaboration tools have been quite basic with very limited features, more often a reflection of workers reluctance to collaborate rather than the ability of current technology. People have previously resisted sharing their knowledge, worrying about the safety of their content and data. By relying on email as their primary collaboration tool, there has been no incentive to change their behaviour unless senior management and team leaders have supported the need for new collaboration software.

As a result, many providers of cloud collaboration tools have created solutions to these problems, such as the integration of email alerts into collaboration software and the ability to see who is viewing the document at any time. Users are able to set permissions and manage other users’ activity, to ensure the collaboration process and sharing of information is controlled, both within an organisation and externally.

All the tools a team could need are put into one piece of software so workers no longer have to rely on email based solutions. In fact, cloud collaboration drastically reduces the need for email and the chances of someone missing important information. Teams can share information in a real time way, everyone is on the same page and there are no irritating ‘reply all’ emails.

Cloud collaboration connects people wherever they are, as though they were all in the same room at the same time. In-person meetings are becoming less necessary, saving companies money and travel time. The ability to make changes to documents, discuss and plan projects, brainstorm ideas and capture knowledge, all in real time, makes distance between colleagues less of an issue. Collaboration software has been designed with increased productivity in mind, notifying users of when there’s something new to see or when something requires their attention, helping them to keep on top of things.

Businesses need tools that allow employees to share information among themselves as well as with partners and customers. Online collaboration tools provide a centralised work space that allows all participants in a company’s ecosystem to work and innovate collectively, making it very versatile in a business environment. People are always connected, content is always available and relevant, data is live and current.

Cloud collaboration tools are helping to change how and where we work. They allow us to contribute when we feel inspired, stay on top of our work and conversations and feel connected to our team members, no matter their location.

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