Storytelling for Office 365 with SharpCloud

Microsoft’s Office 365 lives in the cloud. This means access to all Office tools is available to users wherever they are and from virtually any device. As yet more businesses move over to Office 365, so increasingly more data will be stored in the cloud and it is the ease of access to this data provided by Office 365, that will prove most powerful as users begin to fully appreciate the freedom of the cloud.

Office 365 is evolving into an exciting platform for Storytelling for business teams. Tools born on the cloud, that are fully integrated with Office 365 will see themselves become a vital part of the future landscape of business and how we work.Creating and sharing content and working together has never been easier.

As the volume of information and data grows, so does our need to easily capture, organise, visualise and share it. Communicating complex and vast sets of data in a compelling and engaging way is the age old problem. We all need to do it, but the question remains: How?

Fully integrated with Office 365, SharpCloud enables you to communicate your ideas in innovative, compelling, “cloud first, mobile first” ways. Office 365 allows users to work with muliple tools across multiple devices, accessing data with ease, increasing collaboration and productivity. Use SharpCloud to tell your business stories from your documents – quickly build stories from Excel and Office 365, turn multiple PowerPoint presentations into one visual conversation and share instantly.

Many critical tools and information sources live on the web or in applications outside of Office. The Office store enables you to integrate the very best of web applications, such as SharpCloud, with the powerful features of Office and SharePoint. Do your best work with Office 2016 applications. New features and apps make it easier to create, share, and work together wherever you are, across your favourite devices.

SharpCloud is now available in the Office Store.

Being truly data-driven, SharpCloud is the perfect tool to unlock your data and start real conversations – putting you at the centre of real business decisions.

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