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Innovation Live 2016/CrowdSourcing Week Africa (CSW) Summit

The power of face-to-face interactions in strengthening connections can often be lost in the sea of statistics around social media growth and articles on building online relationships. But staying relevant by socialising on a topic one is passionate about, still remains one of the main reasons we attend corporate events. That, and the fact that we want to learn something, something valuable that makes us feel it was worthwhile taking time out of our diaries to join a community of like-minded people. We expect it to be interesting and enriching.

The goal with Innovation Live was to do exactly that. To be fresh, different and value-adding. Wild heads and pioneers gathered to experience an engaging showcase of practical information sharing, while the golden thread of technology, trends and a global connectedness was evident throughout. Delegates talked about finding cool, new ideas, a better, different path, operating on the periphery and being on the EDGE. Plenty was said on the finest and most usable things in the innovation space, experiences were shared and new connections made.

For the first time ever, the globally acclaimed Crowd Sourcing Week took place on African shores. It took the form of CSW Africa: Johannesburg Summit and was arranged on day two of InnoLive. The debate was about the rise of crowdsourcing and new business models for growth. Inspiring presentations from the likes of Uber, Vodacom and many international speakers left delegates engaged and with new insights on the topic.

Hosted at BCX in Midrand, delegates experienced the latest in virtual reality and talk was about the Internet of Things (IoT), digitalisation, disruptive business models and the latest on innovation. Presenters from Altech Netstar, FNB, PPC, Grey Advertising,  the Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) and many more, shared lessons and know-how. A hackathon played out over the two days and entrepreneurial youths came up with brilliant ideas around the theme of IoT, where great prizes were won. The conference also hosted the Innovation League, that rewarded and celebrated  South Africa’s top organisations for innovation excellence. Corporate entrepreneurs were also honoured through the annual Corporate Entrepreneur Awards.

Innolive 2016 added a truly practical flavour. The agenda included:

  • Presentations from international and local trendsetters on innovation related themes cutting across culture, leadership, innovation project enablement, disruptive technologies and more
  • Learning from case studies and a CEO panel discussion on how to stay at the edge, by some of SA’s leading organisations and innovation managers
  • Everything-CROWD – like sourcing, funding, co-creation, collaboration and open innovation
  • Networking to create new connections that can help you move to the next level.

InnoLive 2016 was a meet-up that will not only be remembered for its quality speakers but also for its engagement around important themes, some of which are summarised below:

  • Staying ahead in nimble industries comes from positioning an unique competitive advantage towards identifying new business opportunities.
  • In the digital era we need to be focusing on the next big thing as much as we focus on the operational challenges of today. Failure to do this is conceding your business to be left behind and hand the opportunity to someone else, and it may not be your current competition.
  • Wicked problems require wicked solutions. Internal limiting beliefs will be overthrown by unapologetic external market forces.
  • Century old organisations need to take heed. They must transform by building enabling environments. They need to accelerate innovation through structured idea collection, storage & evaluation, by building collaborative ecosystems to co‐create and extend social “social capital” into human capital through relationships, networks an innovation architecture – in order to match the new digital world.
  • There is no quick roadmap to disruption. Just because something “else” does NOT currently exist, does not make what you are doing RELEVANT.
  • Your culture is your brand. A meaningful brand story is used to connect, reach and scale
  • Human empowerment and activating people is the future. You need to get it.

We look forward to see you at InnoLive 2017. Look out for information on CrowdSourcing Week (CSW) Africa and additional engagement activities in the run up to the next conference to keep you inspired!

View the Innolive 2016 gallery of pictures and speaker presentations here.