• Innovation Strategy

The NB Innovation Strategy

By Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix The importance of an innovation strategy All planned innovation activities within an organisation should begin with the strategic goals of the company in mind. Without a firm, strategic backbone, innovation can be anything from difficult to impossible. The development of an innovation strategy is one of the

  • First steps

Taking the first steps to quality innovation

By Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix When the brief is to build a house, the vision of the outcome is quite clear: build a large structure with a few walls and a roof and probably some doors and windows. When asked to innovate though, the final outcome is almost completely undefined, since innovation

  • Innovation Investment

Making Innovation Investment Count

By Henra Mayer & Eric van Niekerk – Innocentrix Innovation in the organisational environment will only be sustainable if it is focused on a systematic, result driven approach. A results driven approach implies an ability to measure innovation outcomes and showing impact. Many organisations kick-off an innovation programme hastily - something must be done -

  • InnoLeague 2015 SA Results

Investigating South Africa’s Innovation Landscape

Organisations the world over are thinking about new ways to remain relevant and ensure future success. For many, building an internal innovation capability forms an integral part of a strategy for future growth. Business trends further suggests that amongst other things, the organisation’s ability to collaborate with various stakeholders across its value chain will become