• Metrics

Improved metrics leads to improved innovation

By Henra Mayer. Substantial, innovative returns will not come from small, niche innovation capabilities or traditional metrics We tend to get what we plan for and drive what we measure. When executives acknowledge and accept the different risk profiles of innovative projects and its unique requirements, substantial return can be better supported and tracked. But

  • Breaveheart

Innovation is dead, long live innovation (Part Two)

The story for bravehearts, rebels, new kids, pioneers and renegades continues By Henra Mayer and Richard Copland A quick recap for those on part one – Innovation’s death was questioned and challenged we put a view out there that people needed to look elsewhere for results. In unpacking the challenge we felt the noise was

  • Innovation is dead

Innovation is dead, long live innovation (Part One)

A story for bravehearts, rebels, new kids, pioneers and renegades By Henra Mayer and Richard Copland There once was a management fad called Innovation. It was beautiful and popular and had a certain mystique, maybe magic about it. It attributed certain revolutionary businessmen and women with the Midas touch and was the reason some pretty

  • Innovation Culture

4 Steps to Building a Culture of Innovation

Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix When thinking of global innovation powerhouses, typical examples like Google, Apple and IBM come to mind. But how have these organisations climbed so successfully to the top of the innovation food chain? Why is it that they were the ones with the disruptive ideas and the game-changing inventions?

  • Obstacles

Overcoming innovation obstacles

By Eric van Niekerk. Despite innovation’s success in the business realm, with specific innovation strategies rocketing companies like Tesla, Unilever, Netflix and Amazon into the global spotlight, the term is often met with scepticism. With less than 50% of South Africa’s top companies sporting a dedicated innovation department, it seems that local organisation have not

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Corporate Entrepreneurship and the Power of the Employee – Part 3

By Eric van Niekerk, Innocentrix Research Lead Previously we discussed what employee innovation is, and gave some tips on how to successfully implement an employee innovation drive within an organisation. This article will look at how to reward employees for innovative behaviour. Rewarding innovative employees Any organisation aiming to build a culture of innovation will

  • teamwork

Innovation Teams – what you need to know

By Eric van Niekerk, Research Lead, Innocentrix Successful innovation does not only require a strong leader, it requires a strong team. Often various teams are working on different lifecycles of the potential innovation. This spans from gathering additional insights and research, building business cases and experimenting, through to piloting and implementation. The innovation team is

  • Innovation Leadership

The Leader leading Innovation

By Eric van Niekerk, Research Lead, Innocentrix A recent investigation into innovation in the South African context showed that, amongst South Africa’s top companies, “Leadership and Ambition” is one of the greatest local, innovation-aligned strengths. According to Vodacom’s Executive Head for Innovation, Jannie van Zyl, having buy-in from company leaders is key to innovation success.