Bring to life your virtual workforce… extreme automation and the Arsenal

By Richard Copland.

Last week our Tomorrow, Today campaign kicked off. This involved a day out at the Emirates to talk about one of my emerging technology focus areas.  The whole new world of software robots and process automation.

Those in the know will appreciate my close affinity with Arsenal. In a couple of their games you could say that they’ve played like robots.  Arsene is an original thinker but automating the players maybe a step to far for now. For those of us in less creative and active roles extreme automation and connectivity will soon have an impact.

Biggest technology disruptor over next few years

Workforce automation and the use of software robotics is forecast to be one of the biggest technology disruptors over the next decade.  According to some recent work from Mckinsey, almost half the activities that an individual is paid to perform can be automated by currently demonstrated technology.

At the recent World Economic Forum, the rise of the machines and fourth industrial revolution were hotly debated. The UBS report presents a very interesting framework to consider the potential impact of the technology.

The road ahead will be bumpy…but automated

The road ahead to run a new virtual workforce is less about automating individual jobs, and more about automating activities and redefining roles and processes.  No doubt managing and leading increasingly automated organisations will becomes a competitive differentiator.

A key takeaway for me was how the various emerging technologies we are dialling down into are becoming more integrated and will enable the smarter organisations to create a multiplier effect for true transformation.  Knitting technologies such as Blockchain 2.0 and software robotics together won’t be easy but the size of the prize is significant.

More and more I’m seeing people explore new technology as pilots but the real value will come in the multiplier effect when we begin to think in combinations and integrated moves.   So maybe not that far away from Arsene and his thinking after all.