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Union events aim to explore possible areas of collaboration between selected entrepreneurs, people from industry and people from government; thereby creating the platform to build and take advantage of opportunities for growth and improved competitiveness of enterprises in various sectors.

These events are put together with the purpose of forming partnerships and collaborations that could lead to growth and sustainability.

Union events are typically described as an informal innovation match-making platform in the form of a meet, greet, present and match. These events are inspirational gatherings that include 5 minute give and get presentations where members get to outline their needs or their offers.

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Zander Powell
Zander PowellPartner Manager
Zander is the Innocentrix Partner Manager responsible for managing relationships with Innocentrix’ international House of Brands innovation technology partners and integrating their solutions into Innocentrix value propositions.

What Our Clients Say

This was really awesome and so glad that I went and did a presentation – made a partnership in a minute with one of the other presenting companies!

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