2016 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report

A Spigit Multi-Industry Benchmark Study. “Innovation.” Alongside other big buzz phrases — including “Big Data” and “the Internet of Things”— innovation is on everyone’s tongues this year, from chief executives of long-established Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs launching tomorrow’s next big thing. But it’s not just a buzzword: 80 percent of innovation program managers report results to C-level executives [...]

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The Second Wave of the Crowd Economy is Coming. Are you Ready?

By Epi Ludvik Nekaj, CrowdSourcing Week Today I want to look back at the first wave of the Crowd Economy and the impact it has made since its birth at the height of the last recession. But first let’s take a look at the present global economy situation. Current global markets are collapsing and just [...]

Innovation tops 2016 CIO priorities

By Sarah, Wazoku This year sees CIOs place innovation at the top of this year’s strategic priorities. Aligning initiatives with business goals and improving IT operations/systems performance are still on the agenda, but innovation takes precedence. It’s not just the CIO prioritising innovation – business innovation also tops the agenda for a growing number of [...]

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FORRESTER: Financial Services Innovation Requires Digital Tech, Matchmaking, and Discipline

By Arwen Heredia, Spigit Banking is an old business. But in the past year, the rapid adoption of financial services innovation technology has catapulted banking, insurance, and financial leaders into the now. In fact, researchers are saying that 2016 is set to be a year of massive disruption for this sector, as leaders search for [...]

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Investigating South Africa’s Innovation Landscape

Organisations the world over are thinking about new ways to remain relevant and ensure future success. For many, building an internal innovation capability forms an integral part of a strategy for future growth. Business trends further suggests that amongst other things, the organisation’s ability to collaborate with various stakeholders across its value chain will become [...]

Innocentrix’s Innovation League Report 2015!

Innocentrix Innovation League Report 2015! Download The Innocentrix Innovation League Report below: The first Innocentrix Innovation League was launched at Innocentrix's Innovation Live 2015 event. Innocentrix conducted an indepth, 6-month study to using the Innocentrix Innovation League Survey to determine the extent to which local companies are applying leading edge thinking to the topic of collaborative [...]

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