SA Innovation League Case Studies Published!

We are proud to announce that case studies from our SA Innovation League survey were recently published in the textbook - "Entrepreneurship - A South African Perspective, 4th Edition" by Van Schaik Publishers. Case studies mentioned from previous winners include Legal Aid SA and PPC Ltd. The authors further mentioned various outcomes of the [...]

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Press Release: Top South African companies recognised for having an edge in innovation

By Henra Mayer. Balancing the demands of the business of today with the business of tomorrow is a skill. Strategic thinking needs to be elevated to the next level, aligned and resourced to focus on driving new results. Being relevant in today’s disruptive business environment demands innovation from everybody, without fail. To recognise and reward [...]

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Africa Country Benchmark Report

Innocentrix is excited to announce its partnership with In On Africa (IOA), a South African research, consulting and publishing firm based in Johannesburg. IOA has over a decade of experience across the African continent and a network of over 300 consultants in more than 30 African countries. This joining of forces will signify greater [...]

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Press Release – Innocentrix and Milpark Business School launches the SA Innovation League

Milpark Education’s Business School in collaboration with Innocentrix launched the 2017 South African Innovation League at its Melville campus in Johannesburg on Wednesday. The launch featured a panel discussion by previous entrants, the latest developments on the survey and a brief positioning of the 2016 results. Discussion Panel - Amanda Clark (Legal Aid SA), [...]

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Press Release – TT100 Awards – New Collaborative Partnership

PRESS RELEASE   Subject:         COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIP FOCUS ON SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE TO GEAR AFRICA FOR RESILIENCE   Date: 3 February 2017 Issued: Da Vinci TT100 – Storm Thomas ___________________________________________________________________________ The Da Vinci Institute, Department of Science & Technology (DST), Blank Canvas International and Innocentrix are excited to announce the formation of a remarkable partnership in [...]

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SA Innovation League 2017 – Launch

Better Returns from Innovation Investment in SA Leading Edge Innovation: A South African Perspective Join us for the launch of SA Innovation League 2017, featuring a panel discussion by previous entrants, the latest developments on the survey and a brief positioning of the 2016 results. The SA Innovation League is an annual study conducted by [...]

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Corporate Entrepreneurs are Unsung Heroes

Innocentrix Corporate Entrepreneur Awards 2016 – Winners Announced Entrepreneurial employees are those that think outside the box and dream up new possibilities. They have the experience and ideas on how to improve efficiencies and drive business value. They aren’t afraid to see the world in their industry differently. Susan Foley, Executive in Residence at Babson [...]

Press Release: SA’s Top Innovation Companies and Corporate Entrepreneurs Announced

Date                     27 June 2016 Issued                   Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact                Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO, Innocentrix presented the Innovation Live 2016 conference, and for the first time in Africa, the acclaimed Crowdsourcing Week Summit last week in Midrand. The event was hosted by Business Connexion and supported by Milpark Business School, the Innovation Hub [...]

Press Release – Innovation in Africa and new trends in business discussed at Innovation Live

An event for Wild Heads, Rebels, Renegades and Visionaries Date                 17 June 2016 Issued                Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact             Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO / 082 323 7447 Innovation in Africa, its potential impact on the SA economy and new business models for growth will be discussed in Midrand next week. Local [...]

Press Release – The South African Innovation League Recognises Innovation Excellence

Top South African companies are ranked for having an edge in innovation by Innocentrix, in collaboration with Milpark Business School Date: 25 May 2015 Issued: Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact: Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO at / 082 323 7447 When South Africa’s top organisations innovate well, it will have a definite impact on [...]