Innovation Systems – Making Sense of the Noise

By Henra Mayer. Technology is recognised as an enabler of innovation and growth. Having a software tool, specifically the right software tool, can greatly accelerate your innovation results by creating an easily accessible and self-sustaining platform for ideation and innovation management. Over recent years however, the innovation technology systems market exploded and an influx [...]

The Practical Side of Crowdsourced Innovation

The practise of innovation as a business discipline has been firmly entrenched in many organisations. The discussion is no longer around whether it must be done, but more about how to ensure that an innovation programme is sustainable and successful. What does a successful innovation programme look like, how is it managed and what are [...]

4 Steps to Building a Culture of Innovation

Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix When thinking of global innovation powerhouses, typical examples like Google, Apple and IBM come to mind. But how have these organisations climbed so successfully to the top of the innovation food chain? Why is it that they were the ones with the disruptive ideas and the game-changing inventions? [...]

When innovation programmes fall flat: ready, steady, oh

By Jazz Sandhu, Wazoku So you have senior management buy-in, the shiny new idea management software and a workforce you hope are just chomping at the bit to share their ideas to make your business more innovative. But how do you make sure your Innovation programme is a success? The role of communication in any [...]

Innovation is Change

By Braden Kelly, Spigit Guest Author Can you think of a single innovation that didn’t change something? I didn’t think so. Innovation is change, or at least, innovation requires change. In my role as an innovation keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, I recently led a German-based industrial company’s North American IT leadership team through an [...]

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How do you Crowdsource Innovation? James Gardner, Spigit’s CTO, Explains

By Jeremy Brown, Spigit Spigit’s Chief Technology Officer, James Gardner, is no stranger to innovation. He’s been there and done that in a number of ways and with a variety of tools. But if his start in financial services taught him anything, it’s that crowdsourcing innovation — at major healthcare institutions, financial services providers, and even [...]

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10 Ultimate Traits Of An Innovation Leader

By Rosemarie Diegnan, Wazoku Almost every organisation out there would love to have a leader who knows how to make a company more innovative; but they can be hard to come by.  However, you may already have managers in your organisation with the potential to do this.  They simply need some guidance as to how [...]

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Innovation technology – what’s out there?

By Eric van Niekerk, Research Lead, Innocentrix Earlier in the Innovation Series, we discussed the importance of innovation technology. The article highlighted how organisations that employ the use of innovation technologies often financially out-perform their competitors who do not. What then are some of the technologies available? A variety of options Digital innovation management platforms [...]

The use of innovation challenges for better results

By Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix Innovation has a near infinite scope of possibilities and outcomes, if no direction is given to innovation, there can be little control over the outcome. In order to run a successful innovation drive, innovation needs to be the enabler of the organisation’s strategic goals. That is the [...]

Overcoming innovation obstacles

By Eric van Niekerk. Despite innovation’s success in the business realm, with specific innovation strategies rocketing companies like Tesla, Unilever, Netflix and Amazon into the global spotlight, the term is often met with scepticism. With less than 50% of South Africa’s top companies sporting a dedicated innovation department, it seems that local organisation have not [...]