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Why the implementation of ideas remain a corporate struggle?

By Henra Mayer Yes, it’s like motherhood and apple pie. New value cannot be created if it is not getting to market timeously. The SA Innovation League 2016 results, to be released on 8 December at Milpark Business School, makes it abundantly clear that innovation leadership gets the message on the importance of innovation and

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The Practical Side of Crowdsourced Innovation

The practise of innovation as a business discipline has been firmly entrenched in many organisations. The discussion is no longer around whether it must be done, but more about how to ensure that an innovation programme is sustainable and successful. What does a successful innovation programme look like, how is it managed and what are

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Corporate Entrepreneurs are Unsung Heroes

Innocentrix Corporate Entrepreneur Awards 2016 – Winners Announced Entrepreneurial employees are those that think outside the box and dream up new possibilities. They have the experience and ideas on how to improve efficiencies and drive business value. They aren’t afraid to see the world in their industry differently. Susan Foley, Executive in Residence at Babson

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A Recap of CSW Summit Johannesburg

by Clive Reffell | Jun 30, 2016 | CSW Conferences, NEWS | 0 Comments CSW Summit Johannesburg on 24 June 2016 was Crowdsourcing Week’s first event in Africa. It was held on Day Two of the InnoLive 2016 conference presented by Innocentrix. The day’s presentations can be accessed here, and here is a brief recap

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Innovation Unusual

Innovation Live 2016/CrowdSourcing Week Africa (CSW) Summit The power of face-to-face interactions in strengthening connections can often be lost in the sea of statistics around social media growth and articles on building online relationships. But staying relevant by socialising on a topic one is passionate about, still remains one of the main reasons we attend corporate events.

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Press Release: SA’s Top Innovation Companies and Corporate Entrepreneurs Announced

Date                     27 June 2016 Issued                   Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact                Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO, henra@innocentrix.co.za Innocentrix presented the Innovation Live 2016 conference, and for the first time in Africa, the acclaimed Crowdsourcing Week Summit last week in Midrand. The event was hosted by Business Connexion and supported by Milpark Business School, the Innovation Hub

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Press Release – Innovation in Africa and new trends in business discussed at Innovation Live

An event for Wild Heads, Rebels, Renegades and Visionaries Date                 17 June 2016 Issued                Innocentrix - Zander Powell Contact             Henra Mayer – Innocentrix CEO henra@innocentrix.co.za / 082 323 7447 Innovation in Africa, its potential impact on the SA economy and new business models for growth will be discussed in Midrand next week. Local

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Improved metrics leads to improved innovation

By Henra Mayer. Substantial, innovative returns will not come from small, niche innovation capabilities or traditional metrics We tend to get what we plan for and drive what we measure. When executives acknowledge and accept the different risk profiles of innovative projects and its unique requirements, substantial return can be better supported and tracked. But

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Is Africa being transformed by the crowd economy?

By Epi Ludvik Nekaj There is a radical change taking place in Africa, much of which is as a result of the emergence of the crowd economy. There are two key underlying reasons for this assertion. 1. Not only does Africa have a population that is forecast to grow from one billion today to 2.8

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Innovation is dead, long live innovation (Part Two)

The story for bravehearts, rebels, new kids, pioneers and renegades continues By Henra Mayer and Richard Copland A quick recap for those on part one – Innovation’s death was questioned and challenged we put a view out there that people needed to look elsewhere for results. In unpacking the challenge we felt the noise was