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The Future of Work – Cloud Collaboration

By Nicky Clarke, SharpCloud Cloud collaboration is undeniably becoming an important part of how we work. Combining new advances in cloud computing and collaboration are becoming more and more necessary in organisations operating in an increasingly globalised world. Collaboration has become more complex, with the need to work with people all over the world in real

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Storytelling for Office 365 with SharpCloud

Microsoft's Office 365 lives in the cloud. This means access to all Office tools is available to users wherever they are and from virtually any device. As yet more businesses move over to Office 365, so increasingly more data will be stored in the cloud and it is the ease of access to this data

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Presentation Power – Modernizing Business Solution Storytelling

Partner Story featured on the Microsoft Partner Network - T-Systems Multimedia Solutions & SharpCloud SharpCloud is spreading the word that you don’t have to be a data geek to understand how your business is performing. Together, Microsoft partners SharpCloud and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, are on a mission to help customers better understand their businesses and

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Innovation technology – what’s out there?

By Eric van Niekerk, Research Lead, Innocentrix Earlier in the Innovation Series, we discussed the importance of innovation technology. The article highlighted how organisations that employ the use of innovation technologies often financially out-perform their competitors who do not. What then are some of the technologies available? A variety of options Digital innovation management platforms

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What is Business Storytelling?

By Nicky Clarke, SharpCloud Simply put, storytelling is the delivery of information in an engaging, entertaining and interesting way. At its most basic it is the delivery of an idea from one person to another. Stories are part of our everyday lives. From talking about our days to the news to TV, radio and the