• 3D Printing

Additive manufacturers lead a design revolution

Written by Catherine Bolgar Additive manufacturing—industrial-strength 3D printing—is shaking up the world of industrial design. The global market for additive manufacturing (AM) grew 35% in 2014, as companies increasingly find new ways to use the process. AM builds up objects layer by layer, as opposed to conventional, or subtractive, manufacturing methods, which cut or grind

  • Recycling

Disposing of the disposable economy

Written by Catherine Bolgar The modern economy’s cycle of production, use and disposal—also known as the churn model—is under strain. “It could continue, but without closing the loop of the circular economy it isn’t feasible,” says Manbir Sodhi, engineering professor at the University of Rhode Island in the U.S. But the alternative supply chain—which involves repairing,

  • Innovation Technology

Innovation technology – what’s out there?

By Eric van Niekerk, Research Lead, Innocentrix Earlier in the Innovation Series, we discussed the importance of innovation technology. The article highlighted how organisations that employ the use of innovation technologies often financially out-perform their competitors who do not. What then are some of the technologies available? A variety of options Digital innovation management platforms