We are all API remixers now

By Richard Copland. The dawn of the thin enterprise In my role I get involved in lots of client discussions. People look at me to bring ideas to life that help tackle the disruptive challenges on their horizons. In supporting this we’ve created ‘The Future Enterprise’ a view of what an enterprise, city or government department [...]

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Bring to life your virtual workforce… extreme automation and the Arsenal

By Richard Copland. Last week our Tomorrow, Today campaign kicked off. This involved a day out at the Emirates to talk about one of my emerging technology focus areas.  The whole new world of software robots and process automation. Those in the know will appreciate my close affinity with Arsenal. In a couple of their [...]

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Back with a ‘big data’ bang

By Richard Copland. It’s good to be back, I’ve certainly been away for too long. In keeping with many I’m sure the early part of January is filled with folks kick-starting their commentaries and blogs as they are spurred on by the influx of resolutions. I hope the holidays treated you well, which for me [...]

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Signals, noises, elections and technologies of engagement

By Richard Copland. The views contained in this blog and all of my blogs are very much my own. For those in the UK it can’t have escaped anyone’s attention that we have a forth coming election on the horizon. My polling card arrived in my mailbox and it got me thinking how old fashioned [...]

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