• Hippie 2_0

Hippie 2.0 and the swing back

By Richard Copland. This is the last in my Californication series that has looked at the influence of California on our new radical technologies.  The thought pieces considered the beginning of the counter culture and its growth into a global phenomenon, before asking whether it had become a capitalist dystopia. This piece will draw the

  • Dystopia

From counter culture paradise to capitalist dystopia

By Richard Copland. Can you complete the following series? Avant, Firefox, Flock, GreenBrowser, K-Meleon, Maxthon, Opera, Safari, Sleipnir, Slim. A couple of pointers, think back to 2009, they were the browsers accessible via BrowserChoice.eu This thought piece will pick up on some of the points raised in the Californication and Radical Technologies article that we

  • C3PO

Robots and artificial intelligence in the shape of us

  By Richard Copland. Robots and Artificial Intelligence have been part of our everyday lives for some time, be it with our smartphones or a laundry folding application.  The latter recently attracted a cool $60 million-dollar investment from Panasonic Technologies in Japan. Humans seem to find a mechanical helping hand irresistible and there will

  • Code

Bots allowing knowledge workers to work even smarter

By Richard Copland This week 20 years ago IBM's Deep Blue defeats Gary Kasparov in a game of chess. Deep Blue’s victory against Kasparov represented a major milestone in the history of AI. But its win was more a testament to the brilliance of its team of programmers and grandmasters, as well as to

  • Darren Hampton - CE Winner - Aug2016 - Blog Feature

Corporate Entrepreneurs are Unsung Heroes

Innocentrix Corporate Entrepreneur Awards 2016 – Winners Announced Entrepreneurial employees are those that think outside the box and dream up new possibilities. They have the experience and ideas on how to improve efficiencies and drive business value. They aren’t afraid to see the world in their industry differently. Susan Foley, Executive in Residence at Babson

  • Democracy

Democracy innovation and the return of social led engagement

By Richard Copland, July 2016. Over the last few years, we’ve seen new and exciting experiments in direct democracy emerge: the Open Ministry – Crowdsourcing legislation site in the Finish Parliament; the Icelandic e-democracy and participatory budgeting website Better Reykjavik; Podemos, the new decentralised Spanish political movement and the municipal citizen-led coalitions Barcelona en Comu

  • Breaveheart

Innovation is dead, long live innovation (Part Two)

The story for bravehearts, rebels, new kids, pioneers and renegades continues By Henra Mayer and Richard Copland A quick recap for those on part one – Innovation’s death was questioned and challenged we put a view out there that people needed to look elsewhere for results. In unpacking the challenge we felt the noise was

  • Innovation is dead

Innovation is dead, long live innovation (Part One)

A story for bravehearts, rebels, new kids, pioneers and renegades By Henra Mayer and Richard Copland There once was a management fad called Innovation. It was beautiful and popular and had a certain mystique, maybe magic about it. It attributed certain revolutionary businessmen and women with the Midas touch and was the reason some pretty

  • Success

14 Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

By Henra Mayer, Innocentrix CEO. While the small-and-medium enterprise (SME) business sector is the fastest growing in South Africa, according SMEToolkit™, 75 % of small businesses fail within the first two years. Bizconnect (2013) states that 96% of these small businesses will fail within 10 years. In order for the economy to grow, South Africa