When innovation programmes fall flat: ready, steady, oh

By Jazz Sandhu, Wazoku So you have senior management buy-in, the shiny new idea management software and a workforce you hope are just chomping at the bit to share their ideas to make your business more innovative. But how do you make sure your Innovation programme is a success? The role of communication in any [...]

Innovation is Oxygen at PPC  

Monday, 07 September 2015      The Innocentrix team spent the day at Pretoria Portland Cement Company (PPC) recently, assisting with the launch of PPC’s new innovation platform. Innocentrix and PPC Innovation teams Innocentrix assisted with the roll-out and implementation of Idea Spotlight – an innovation management system from UK innovation company, Wazoku. This platform [...]

The use of innovation challenges for better results

By Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix Innovation has a near infinite scope of possibilities and outcomes, if no direction is given to innovation, there can be little control over the outcome. In order to run a successful innovation drive, innovation needs to be the enabler of the organisation’s strategic goals. That is the [...]

Corporate Entrepreneurship and the Power of the Employee – Part 2

Eric van Niekerk – Research Lead, Innocentrix In Part 1, we had a look at Employee Innovation – what it is, and why it is beneficial to large organisations. We also touched on some examples from Google and Adobe. As promised, in this article we will discuss how to actually get your employees innovating. Which [...]